Our Services

At Charleston Home Watch, we know as well as you that many things can go wrong when you’re away from your home for an extended period of time. Homes in Charleston and the surrounding areas are prone to moisture and heat issues, storms, insect/pest infestation, mold and a variety of other potential problems. That’s where Charleston Home Watch comes in!

Charleston Home Watch will perform a visual check of the interior and the exterior of the residence with all basic home watch visits. A detailed Inspection Checklist will be completed along with the date and time the visit was performed and this information will be provided to the homeowner. If an issue is observed, we will contact the homeowner and, if needed, coordinate with licensed professionals to remedy the situation on the homeowner’s behalf.    Essentially, we become an advocate for the homeowner during their absence. 

Charleston Home Watch is an Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA).  Accredited Members have been vetted for proper insurance, consumer complaints, and truthful website content, as well as their agreement to follow the Mission Statement and Code of Ethics of the NHWA.   

Whether a “snowbird” or just on an extended vacation, homeowners can be assured their house is being cared for in their absence by trusted professionals. 


  • Walk exterior of home to check for signs of forced entry, vandalism and damage
  • Verify that all doors and windows are properly secured to minimize chance of break-ins
  • Remove newspapers, solicitations, packages, flyers and other unoccupied home identifiers from front door area and sidewalks
  • Monitor to ensure lawn care / landscaping is being maintained
  • Visual inspection for signs of insects and or rodents
  • Check that security system is functioning
  • Walk through all rooms on all levels of the house
  • Check air conditioner / heat settings on thermostats and manage settings when seasons change
  • Check Refrigerator/Freezer – to ensure working and food has not spoiled
  • Check electrical panel for tripped breakers
  • Check for evidence of water leaks or damage and check for visual signs of mold and mildew
  • Run water in all sinks, tubs and showers to keep traps from drying out.
  • Check under all sinks for leaks / Run the garbage disposal / Flush toilets


  • Vehicle start-up if you are away longer than a few weeks
  • Forward mail when requested
  • Secure delivered packages (at times other than during the scheduled home watch service)
  • Coordinate repair, handyman or maintenance Services
  • Provide access to home (for vendors / service providers)
  • Waiting services (for service, repair, delivery, installation, etc.)
  • Post storm checks – check home for debris, damage and power outage
  • Trash & recycling bins service (place bins out to curb for pick up and bring bins in)
  • Provide Key Holder services
  • Post Alarm checks
  • Emergency services


Charleston Home Watch uses business management software provided by Home Watch IT.  The reports we send are professionally produced by using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date of our visit.  You have infallible evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need.